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The SAAF Museum's Spitfire Restoration Project team is in urgent need of funds to erect and secure an undercover workshop facility (hangar) where Spitfire HF Mk.IXe, TE213, SAAF 5518 can be restored - the last airframe of this mark. The hangar will be based at AFB Zwartkops, South Africa's oldest air force base and houses the South African Air Force Museum.
The Spitfire was involved in a serious and fortunately non-fatal, accident at an air show at Swartkop Air Force Base in April 2000. A project to restore it is underway. The hangar is essential for the project to continue from a restoration perspective plus it will serve as a venue to train young aviation students and enthusiasts with much-needed artisan skills.
The team is looking at raising funds and sponsorship deals to repair significant components within the local aero industry, as well as utilizing other companies to carry out smaller tasks. A Non-Profit Organization (NPO) has been registered to ring-fence the projects finances, and provide a tax deduction opportunity for anyone who donates to the project.
Short-term goals are to obtain the drawings of support jigs for the wings, fuselage, empennage and engine frame, which will enable the repair of assemblies to commence. The propeller assembly is also a priority.
The association to the Spitfire project does not exclude other current project opportunities from also sharing this space with the Spitfire project.
The SAAF approved workshop facility is to be built with the short to medium term objective of providing the Spitfire Restoration Project with a dedicated facility to restore TE213/5518.
The restoration facility will further promote restoration skills development, training and provision of a facility that would allow aviation apprentices to complete practical study requirements. The facility's importance to the museum and preservation of vintage aircraft will expand over time.
The workshop will also house a Spitfire Simulator which will be used to generate project funds as well as offer the first of its type facility in the world to train pilots on the Spitfire.
The planning phase of the project has been completed and can commence immediately on the construction of the workshop facility.
The Project will require a significant initial investment to construct the workshop and skills development facility. Following the initial investment, over time further funding will be necessary for tooling the facility.
The utilization of such a facility will immediately support the needs of the Spitfire Restoration Project TE213/5518 and our mandate of skills development. The project currently has insufficient workshop space to commence the necessary restoration activities and upskilling of unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 29.
Should you wish to make an EFT, please email Karen at karen@spitfire-restoration.co.za for our banking details.
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