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 Meet our Partners

Performance Centre

 We all uniquely express ourselves, and for the car enthusiast, this is apparent in the  modification of our most prized possessions - our vehicles. We don't see vehicles as a   mode of transport but as a piece of art and expression of who we are. And thus,   Performance Centre was established with car enthusiasts in mind.

 Ford Performance Parts, Roush Performance Parts and Vaughn Gittin's Authentic RTR   Vehicles are three prominent brands that are distributed and fitted by Performance  Centre. These world class brands comply with OEM requirements, keeping the  warranty  of the vehicle in tact when fitted by an approved technician. We take pride in   the fact that all of our parts and products conform to the highest quality standards and  provide our customers with the freedom of choice to express themselves.


Aerosud Aviation 

 Aerosud Aviation has been in the Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing business   since 1990, and is now located at a facility on the Eastern border of the Waterkloof Air   Force Base. It has a workforce of 700 people involved in the design and manufacture   of  parts and assemblies for civil aviation products for OEM's and Tier 1 customers such   as Boeing, Airbus, Spirit Aero systems, Safran for application on aircraft such as the   Boeing 737, 777, and Airbus A320, A350, and A380. Our capabilities include vacuum   forming, composite lay-up, sheet metal parts, machining, welded components, and  complex assemblies.

University of Pretoria

 The Museum has a long and distinguished relationship with the University of Pretoria.   This relationship will be developed further, with the possibility of a research project   being allocated to the final year Aeronautical Engineering students at the University of   Pretoria.


Tshwane University of Technology 

 SAAF Museum Projects are under taken by the final year Engineering students at TUT.   These Projects form part of the students final year thesis. 2016. The Vampire cockpit is  to be transformed into a simulator. This is a ten year Project, due its complexity. The  project is divided into ten phases, with the first phase to be allocated in 2016.  Additionally, two further Engineering projects are also under way, which should be  finalized in 2016.


Aeronautical Society of South Africa

 The ASSA has provided immense support to the Spitfire Project. Aeronautical   Engineers  from ASSA now support and are involved in the Spitfire Project. These   Engineers form the crucial core of the team, for the reconstruction of the Spitfire.  Members of ASSA, from other disciplines have also joined the Project, thereby adding   further skills to the Project, ranging from SHERQ to complimentary Engineering   disciplines.

Project sponsors

 A huge thank you to Dave from Sign mart Express for creating the banners for the   Spitfire Project! Outstanding work! From everyone here at the Spitfire Project, thank   you  so much, we really appreciate all your effort! The banner's look great! Please don't   hesitate to support Dave at http://www.signmart.co.za