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Frequently Asked Questions

Not everyone knows how our museums work, so please browse our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to see if you might have a query that might already have a quick and easy answer. 

1. How much is entry to the SAAF Museum? 


Answer: Entrance to all SAAF Museum branches is FREE OF CHARGE, but please consider making a donation at the door. All donations received go towards upkeep of the Museum exhibits.

2. When is the SAAF Museum open to the public?

Answer: All SAAF Museum branches are open from 9:00 - 15:00 Monday to Friday, and 9:00 - 13:00 on Saturdays with the exception of public holidays and special military parades/gatherings. Please reach out to us if you aren't sure of specific dates to avoid disappointment.

3. Do you offer group tours?

Answer: Group tours by the Friends of the SAAF Museum are possible, but best arranged for Saturday mornings. Large school/youth groups visiting wanting to visit during the week need to make special arrangements beforehand. 

4. Can we fly in SAAF Museum aircraft? (Eg. during training days at Swartkop)

Answer: No. Aircraft operated by the SAAF Museum Historic Flight are flown exclusively by South African Airforce personnel and do not ferry civilian passengers. 

5. What payment methods are available at the Museum? 

Answer: All FSAAFM branches can take either cash or, card payments with Yoco point of sale machines.

Who are we?

The Friends are a voluntary non-profit organisation run by civilians dedicated to the preservation and display of the history and aircraft of the South African Air Force (SAAF).

The Friends are primarily concerned with providing the SAAF Museum with support in three areas including fund-raising, maintenance and restoration work. The Friends of the SAAF Museum are divided into three branches with one located at the Cape Town branch of the SAAF Museum at Ysterplaat, the second at Swartkop Air Force Base in Centurion and the third in Port Elizabeth. The Cape Town branch was officially formed in 1984.


Membership of the Friends is open to all and although we provide support to the SAAF Museum, we do not receive any funds from the SAAF or the government. Members who wish to work on displays or undertake tasks may join various work parties doing restoration, refurbishment and preservation where necessary. Others can help man the Museum shop or undertake research. 

FSAAFM Gallery
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