The FSAAFM Swartkop Branch currently has multiple ongoing projects, which include the restoration to Smithsonian static condition of a Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX, The polishing of a 1 squadron Canadair Mk 6 Sabre. Many of our ongoing projects aren't on the Museum aircraft themselves but rather on the displays found at the Museum.
Spitfire restoration project:

The Spitfire restoration project is a project to restore a Spitfire Mk IX that unfortunately crashed at an air show in May 2000 due to an engine failure. The FSAAFM has been tasked with managing the restoration project as well as generating funds, so that this beautiful warbird can be restored to her former glory. The project leader is Ian Grace.

QR coded display board project:

This project involves adding archived footage of SAAF Museum aircraft located on Youtube on the display board for every aircraft so that visitors to the Museum can have a more interactive experience by scanning a QR code on their smartphones and learning more about displays and aircraft. The project leader is Matthew Olivier.

Sabre polishing Project:

This is one of our more hands on projects along with the Spitfire restoration. It involves the removal and polishing of major body panels, the re-stencilling of insignia and the replacement of corroded screws and fasteners with new stainless steel ones.The project leader is Montagu Thorne.

Smuts Ventura:

This project involves the restoration of the Ventura to static display, once the personal aircraft of former South African Prime Minister Jan Smuts, who also served as a field-marshall during the Second World War and who helped form both the RAF and SAAF along with Pierre Van Ryneveld who was the first chief of the South African Air Force. The project leader for this project is Louis le Lagadec. 

Sikorsky S-51 Restoration project:

This project involves restoring the Sikorsky S-51 on static display at the Swartkop branch of the SAAF Museum. Missing panels are being replaced, and eventually the perspex windows in the cockpit will be replaced. The project leader for this project is Brian Baxter.

Hangar cleaning/ monthly upkeep:

Every month. the FSAAFM tries as much as possible to clean all the hangars containing static displays before the monthly training days. Volunteers are always welcome and the project leader is Ian Grace. A huge thanks to the 9th Irene and 23rd Lyttelton Scouts for their continued,enthusiastic support

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Monthly Hangar Cleaning
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