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Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

The Special Interest Groups of the FSAAFM are comprised of individuals focused on a certain part of our aviation history. At the moment we have four such groups consisting of the FSAAFM photographers, the FSAAFM scale modelers, the artists guild and the Buccaneer restoration project.

SAAFMPC photographers

The South African Air Force Museum  Photography Club is a group of people whose goal is to preserve the history of the SAAF and the SAAFM through photos. They can often be seen clicking away at Museum training days and at airshows.

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  • SAAFMPC group

Scale Modellers 

The  Swartkop Scale Modellers are a group closely linked to the FSAAFM and are experts in the field of model building and repair. Hennie Pretorius is the chairman. 

Swartkop Scale Modellers Gallery 
Buccaneer Restoration Project Gallery
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