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The Friends of the South African Air Force Museum currently has multiple partners, who help us with our restoration projects, without them we would not be able to help restore and preserve the aircraft at the SAAF museum branches as effectively as we do.

Aerosud is an aeronautical engineering and manufacturing company, formed in 1990 by the then key designers of the South African Denel  Rooivalk attack helicopter, together with similar leaders from the Atlas Cheetah fighter program and the Product Support Environment.

Aerosud has been instrumental is supporting our restoration efforts, they manufactured missing aircraft panels for the SAAF museums Mirage 3 aircrafts as well as the Mirage F1 CZ/AZ on static display. They have also been heavily involved in the construction of metal stands for the  museum aircraft on display located outside of hangars at Swartkop Air Force Base.

Steamworx Aviation cleaning Co.

Steamworx clean your aircraft by using “Dry" vapour high pressure steam produced by their steam machines. This process deep cleans and sanitizes, kills bacteria,dust mites and mould. While being water wise. A fast solution that is Safe to use on upholstery and exterior paintwork, replacing toxic chemicals normally used and finishing the job in record time!
From deep cleansing to maintenance contracts They offer it all.

Steamworx assists us with cleaning aircraft, especially the Canadair Sabre Mk 6 on static display at Swartkop AFB which is currently being polished and restored to her former glory.

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