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Aviation calendar

The following link can be clicked on to view upcoming aviation related events around South Africa. Please note that all events are subject to change.

SAAFM display boards

The FSAAFM has recently produced new display boards for the Swartkop branch of the SAAF Museum, The new display boards are being introduced in batches, all new display boards will be added here as they are finished so that the general public can access them off the base should they wish to learn more about the various displays at the Swartkop branch of the SAAF Museum.  All display boards are available for the public to download and view for free,

How to download: click on the PDF images below and click download or save. Open document using a PDF reader.
FSAAFM Alouette 3 Display Board
FSAAFM Puma Display Board
FSAAFM Mirage F1CZ Display Board
FSAAFM Mirage 3 CZ Display Board
FSAAFM Cheetah C Display Board
FSAAFM Harvard Display Board
FSAAFM Shackleton Display Board
FSAAFM Canberra Display Board
Pelican Post (Issue 1)
Pelican Post (Issue 2)
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